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If your business under attack by false bad review, this is not a First Amendment free speech issue. The First Amendment certainly protects our ability to express our opinions, and opinions – as opposed to false allegations – are also typically shielded from defamation liability.
People are getting sued for doing this one thing online

Defamation in Michigan is a tort (i.e., a form of legal injury that does not arise out of contract) that consists of the publication of false and defamatory matter to a third person that causes legal injury. In the commercial arena, one initial inquiry is whether the published statement concerns the business itself or someone affiliated with the business in his or her individual capacity.

Generally speaking, a business entity can be injured by a false publication only with respect to its credit, property or business. False claims that harm an individual’s reputation, and the damages that result, can often be addressed by filing a civil lawsuit for defamation.

What about free speech?

Freedom of speech under the US Constitution, courts have ruled, doesn't extend to defamation – statements that are damaging to a person or business's good reputation. Generally speaking, a defamatory statement must be false for the reviewer to be held liable.

Lawyer Sues Client Over Bad Online Review, Wins $350,000

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