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Advanta law in Southfield, Michigan, provides aggressive, experienced representation to people involved in general and contract litigation. Our attorneys handle a wide range of contract disputes from business law issues to real estate contract and construction law to personal injury.

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Contracts are an essential part of any type of business. When a contract is disputed,  the business could suffer until the matter is resolved.  While negotiation is always an option, if it should fail, you need the assistance of a lawyer experienced in litigation. Our law office can thoroughly review your business contract, determine what your legal standing is regarding the dispute, formally inform the other party that a breach of contract has occurred, and aggressively represent your rights in an effort to resolve the breach of contract issue prior to a civil litigation trial. Let our firm use its extensive legal experience and business acumen to assist you with your contract-dispute matter.

Proving a breach of contract

In many cases, a contractual breach can be avoided by having a Michigan commercial litigation lawyer review the contract before you sign it. However, if you have already entered into a contract and you believe it has been breached by one or more parties, you can take civil action. Below are some of the issues that may lead to a breach of contract:


Legality of the contract
Errors made by any signing party

We Are Always Prepared To Advocate Aggressively In Contract Litigation

Advanta Law  has considerable experience handling business contract litigations . We will thoroughly go over the contract in question and put forth a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. We will fight to get the dispute resolved in a timely manner that has the least impact on your business or dealings overall. Our law firm understands how stressful and complex any kind of contract dispute may be. It can also be an emotional time if the contract is personal in nature. Let our firm review the details and see how we can help you resolve a dispute and put the situation behind you.

If you feel someone has not lived up to a contract agreement he or she made with you, or if you have been named in a contract dispute, put the experienced legal team at Advanta Law  on your side.

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