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Advanta Law Firm has extensive experience and will get you the representation you deserve. Personal attention and service should be the spine of any profession and it is especially true with the practice of law. Our attorneys consider this to be extremely important and will work to pay close attention to each client's needs while giving personalized service.  At the same time, our law firm will strive to make its client's needs a top priority.

We have represented clients facing the following types of claims: personal injuries, corporate defense, tort law, domestic litigation,  employment law, and other Michigan laws area

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your legal matter. Our law firm accepts all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis.

A lawsuit is a legal action taken against a company, individual or a group of individuals. A lawsuit must be filed in court to seek enforcement on something the defendant did wrong, such as failing to comply with a contract, cause personal injury, failing to pay for services, etc.  A lawsuit begins with the plaintiff filing a complaint.

Some Tips

There are basic steps to filing a lawsuit aganist someone:

Step 1: Identify the Correct Defendants
Step 2: Determine the Exact Amount of Your Claim
Step 3: Send a Demand Letter
Step 4: Decide Where to File Your Case
Step 5: Prepare Your Lawsuit
Step 6: Make Sure To State All Cause Of Actions
Step 7: File Your Complaint With the Court
Our firm provides comprehensive service and representation across the spectrum of civil law practice.
This includes cases involving the following and more:

business agreements
litigation among business partners
formation and dissolution of a corporation
civil lawsuits
international business transactions

Our firm prides itself on its trial ability and experience. When a case must be tried, we are thorough, capable, well-prepared and preceded by a reputation for excellence. We are committed to being effective advisors to and advocates for all of our clients.
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