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Fraudulent misrepresentation is making false statements of facts for
personal benefit. Fraudulent misrepresentation is one of several types of misrepresentations in the law. This is the most serious of the typesof misrepresentation because it is done on purpose with the intent to trick or defruad another person.
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If you or your business has been victimized by fraud, you need an attorney who has extensive experience in such cases. We have the knowledge, experience, guile, and tenacity to uncover the defendant's fraudulent scheme, and recover the money lost as a result
If a person or entity has been deceived, Michigan law provides for a means of redress.  Under Michigan’s doctrine of fraudulent inducement, if a person enters into a business transaction or a contract due to the misrepresentations of the other party, the person lied to may ask the court in Michigan to invalidate the terms of the contract.  The elements of fraudulent misrepresentation to be as follows:

To constitute fraudulent inducement sufficient to invalidate the terms of the contract or transaction, there must be

1. A representation of fact – False statements;
2. The representation was false;
3. The representation was material;
4. The speaker knew of the falsity of the representation or was ignorant of its truth;
5. The speaker intended that the representation be acted on;
6. The party to whom the representation was made did not know of the falsity of the representation;
7. The party to whom representation was made relied on the truth of representation;
8. The party to whom representation was made had a right to rely on the representation; and
9. Reliance on the misrepresentation caused damages
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