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  1. Patent Law
  2. Litigation
    At Advanta law, our attorneys can recommend the best course of action for your civil litigation lawsuit and, based on our experience, we will give you an honest assessment of your case. If a settlement is not possible, our civil litigation lawyer is fully prepared to take your case to court. Your goals, as a client, will always have first priority.
  3. Fraud Misrepresentation
    If you believe that you or your business has been injured as a result of an unfair, deceptive, or misleading business practice such as fraud and misrepresentation, please contact us
  4. Contract Law
    Our contract lawyers provide the best possible advice on creating business contracts with suppliers, customers or collaborators. We make sure all contracts cover the unexpected and rarely need to be looked at again, whether it is a one-page letter with contractual effect, a complex business arrangement or a multi-million dollars, high profile procurement.
  5. Employment Law
    This area is fully editable and gives you the opportunity to go into more detail about your business, what you do and what sets you apart from the competition.
  6. Financial Law
  7. Real Estate Law
    As a Michigan real estate lawyers, we have worked with both buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate in Detroit metro area, including resale and new construction transactions. Our goal is always to help our client become comfortable with the process as well as satisfied with the outcome.
  8. Transactional Law
    Businesses are based on transactions. Interfacing with customers, suppliers and other businesses is essential when it comes to ensuring the longevity and successful future of your business. Our lawyers have years of experience in documenting transactions and advising our clients how to best accomplish their goals
  9. Filing a Lawsuit
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