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Real estate is a complex area of law, especially in Detroit and Wayne county areas that has such a heavy attrations from investors and other real estate developers. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, you need the help of an experienced lawyer to help. We are here to help. Contact us for a free consultation with our real estate attorneys. 
Property owners, brokers, developers, contractors, associations, and insurance companies are invited to retain Advanta Law Firm to handle all types of real estate, land use, property damages and construction related disputes because of our long record of litigation results:

As skilled Michigan Real Esate lawyers, we have several goals when resolving your real estate dispute. We strive to help you arrive at a favorable outcome through settlement or litigation in court. Additionally, we make every effort to protect you from future litigation. We are consistently mindful of the cost to you and do not participate in unnecessary litigation.

If you are involved in any type of real estate dispute, you can turn to our Real Estate Law Firm with confidence. Talk to our lawyers about the following types of disputes:

Misrepresentation in real estate transactions
Title defects
Land contracts
Owner-financed land sales
Purchase agreements
Construction defects
Failure to disclose hidden defects
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